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The Magical World of Mobile Compactor Storage

Perhaps the most valuable commodity is Space. Especially in the big city corporate world, where companies and organisations are fighting a constant, losing battle over real estate.

Because space always comes at a premium, it is important to maximize every inch of available space. Over a period of time, storage gobbles up a lot of space – often unnoticed, because after each storage resource is filled out, organisations simply build the next piecemeal shelf or cabinet space without giving it much thought. Thus, after a few years, they’re (not so) suddenly saddled with badly-managed or, in fact, mismanaged storage space resource.

Space Storage Planning

All of which can be eminently avoided by a little planning and plenty of foresight. Which doesn’t even have to emanate from within – it can merely be outsourced to the experts… Kompress India Pvt. Ltd. in this case.

Kompress is India’s pioneer and leading name in modern storage solutions. The brand has revolutionized the concept of corporate, warehousing and institutional storage by staying at the fountainhead of global storage technology. It’s why their clients are spread right across the world – Asia, Africa, Russia, UAE and USA.

Kompress offers a slew of modern and high-tech storage solutions, including Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, Heavy Duty Racking, Pallet Racking, Lockers and Filing Cabinets, Warehouse Software and Storage Solutions, Material Handling Equipment and Storage Systems.

Space Savers and Money Spinners

In this blog we examine the first mentioned – Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, and reveal how they can completely revolutionise organisational storage space by optimising the available space, reducing human effort and making storage and retrieval a breeze.

A well designed mobile compactor is both a space saver and a money spinner. By eliminating the fixed lane concept of conventional shelves and storage, it frees up vital space for more productive business purposes.

As the name suggests, Kompress Mobile Compactors effectively compact the same amount of storage into a much smaller area – freeing up to 50% of floor space. Or looked at from the other side – augmenting storage capacity by 80-100%. Ergo, space freed up for other business purposes… Or space saved and money earned.

Sounds fantastic? Let’s find out how exactly it works…

How it Works Kompress Mobile Compactors are ergonomically-built storage cabinets or racks that are mounted on wheels and move along a floor track. Each section a carriage of its own. Thus, when not in use, they compact together freeing up space that would otherwise have become permanent lanes. In any storage area, the amount of freed real estate would be a simple function of the number of conventional lanes into the width of each lane.

The number of individual sections within the mobile compactor is in direct relation to the available space – logically these can be any number. But, let’s say the number of individual sections are ten. When not in use, the ten sections sit side-by-side, end-to-end as one compact unit. Now if someone needs to access items stored in, say, section 4, all they have to do is use the operating handle/button on the face of Section 4, to effortlessly move the entire compactor and create a temporary lane into which they can enter and store or retrieve whatever they need anywhere in Section 4.

Manual and Powered Compactors

Operationally there are two kinds of Mobile Compactors – Manual and Powered.

Manual Mobile Compactors have rotary handles built into the always-accessible, outer side face. By rotating the handle clockwise or counter-clockwise, the mechanism moves a block of sections to the left or right, creating the temporary access lane space. Mechanically-assisted controls ensure that user strength is not at all a requirement to move the units. An anti-topple system provides stability and safety to both the unit and its contents.

Powered Mobile Compactors are even easier to operate. They are electricity-driven and come with a simple button panel instead of the rotary handle on the exposed face. When the required button is pressed, a small motor housed into the base, moves the unit automatically, freeing up the temporary lane space. A button again is employed to close the sections into a compact unit once the purpose has been served. Powered units are advised in case of large number of sections in the system.

High-end models have connectivity to database archives which, coupled with RFID technology, makes retrieval of stored items extremely easy because of auto-open and auto-close features.

Efficient down to the nuts and bolts!

The floor tracks can be installed into a variety of floor types and at varying heights. Concrete flooring is however most recommended. There could be modest ramps on either end and to eliminate the hazard of tripping, plus enhance aesthetics, there is the option of false flooring right through.

The shelving is designed to be set against a wall (further maximising space). There are five types of shelving: Fixed, Adjustable, Corner, Floating and Pull-out.

In case of small areas and narrow, confined spaces, Kompress offers Monorail systems – single rail with smaller and fewer units to optimise the restricted floor space. Even then, to maximise whatever space is available, Kompress ingeniously mounts the monorail-moving sections flush in front of fixed units. The moving sections are always one less than the fixed units in the rear to ensure access to all of them – front or back.

At the opposite end of the need spectrum, Kompress offers the Double Decker Mobile Storage Compactor system to maximise vertical space, if available. This system comprises two levels of heavy-duty storage, accessible by a built-in metal staircase. The Double Decker facility is ideal for warehouses and factories that need to store components, spare parts, hardware, multiple SKUs, etc; for hospitals with high-volume storage needs of patient records, slides, medical samples and instruments; and for showrooms that require large back-room storage space with quick access.

We started this blog by saying that a little planning goes a long way. To save you the trouble and ensure the storage facility serves you for years and even decades, Kompress’ Mobile Compactors are absolutely the way to go. For more information visit the brand’s website at

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