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Lockers - Secure Space for Precious Possessions

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“Precious things come in small packages”… and may we add:
So does storage for precious things… That’s why we have Lockers!

Bank Lockers are something we cannot forget, because they keep safe our gold, silver, and platinum ornaments; precious jewels; and important documents! But delving into our daily routines, there are those precious items we must carry around with us – our house keys - the access to all our possessions; car keys; wallets; handbags; and of course our all-important informative smartphones that we must keep secure! These are prized possessions that we cannot even dream of leaving unmanned in public spaces… Indeed, what would we do without lockers at sports facilities, workplaces, schools, colleges, transport hubs, offices and other public spaces?

However, as an owner of a public space, this need for safekeeping of individual valuables, poses a dilemma. On one hand you have the cost of land that’s gone through the roof, and on the other hand, there is the paramount need for providing a secure space for these small but precious personal possessions on your premises. Here’s where Kompress steps in to provide cost effective, space-saving, secure storage systems – aka Lockers – to suit your every need.

So let’s take a closer look at these little storage spaces that publicly hold a world of private treasures.

Lockers come in different sizes, serving multifarious purposes, and also vary in construction, and security. Generally they are small, narrow storage compartments, often housed in dedicated cabinets. In public spaces and locker rooms, they will be present in large numbers.

Features of Lockers

  • • Generally made from Mild Steel (CRCA)
  • • Customised to needs, for augmenting space utilisation
  • • Multiple locking options
  • • Choice of accessories
  • • Floor levellers
  • • Ventilated
  • • Indexing facilities available
  • • Slot for mail
  • • Powder coated

Next let’s review some of the commonly used locker types.

Bank Lockers

These are usually physically joined side by side, with steel as the preferred material choice. However, they could also be made from wood, laminate, or plastic.

Steel lockers which are banked together share side walls, and are constructed by starting with a complete locker; further lockers may then be added by constructing the floor, roof, rear wall, door, and just one extra side wall. The existing side wall of the previous locker serves as the side wall of the new one. The walls, floors, and roofs of lockers may be either riveted together, which is the traditional method; or welded together, which is the more recent practice.

Personal Lockers/Locker Cabinets

These are used for safekeeping of a variety of personal belongings like mobile phones, wallets, handbags, keys, jewellery, etc. Generally these locker/locker cabinets are modular in nature and are available in knock down flat packs, which can be easily installed even by the buyer.

Industrial Storage Lockers

These are built keeping in mind space saving, which is crucial for any business in this era of premium property pricing. Each compartment of an industrial storage locker is designed to accommodate a variety of both large and small goods, offering practical storage solutions, with space saving, security and easy accessibility. The customized storage choices provide perennial freedom and convenience in accessing any item, no matter how large or small. An added feature is the labelling system that comes with most industrial storage lockers, offering an easy and time-saving retrieval system for goods stored therein.

Work Place Locker Systems

These are used to store tools supplies and other valuable items which vary in size and shape. In such cases, the locker can be customised by teaming it up with sturdy shelves to suit the work place needs.

Lockers Applications

Lockers/ Locker Cabinets/ Locker rooms are widely used in a variety of places ranging from Offices, BPO’s, IT companies, Banks, Hospitals, Industries and Warehouses… to Libraries, Schools, Colleges, and other Institutions… to Changing rooms, Restrooms, Janitor rooms, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Clubs, Transport Hubs, and beyond.

Advantages of Lockers

  • • They provide security
  • • Cost-effective
  • • Better space utilisation
  • • Aesthetic designs add to the ambience
  • • Long-lasting
  • • Wide range of sizes
  • • Treated for anti-rust
  • • Choice of various shades and finishes
  • • Knock down construction for easy transport and installation
  • • Termite-free

If you are looking for secure locker systems to protect your prized possessions or those of your clients, customers, employees, or other stakeholders; and simultaneously want to get the most from your valuable space, visit us at We have a wide range of secure and well planned storage solutions waiting for you, promising to cater to your every need.

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