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Cantilever Racks – Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Cantilever Racks – Because One Size Does Not Fit All - Kompress India

Space is expensive – more so in our cities where real estate costs are sky-rocketing. Warehousing being an area that requires enormous space is therefore a field that requires meticulous planning to make the most of what’s available and save on ground space. Every inch of the warehouse needs to be judiciously used. Simultaneously, ease in accessibility is also a priority concern because time too, is money. Time wasted daily in unnecessary movement within the warehouse can account for 70% of the picker’s day in a poorly planned warehouse! This is a substantial drain on resources. Clearly then, warehouse planning is something that needs to be given careful thought.

Racking systems are an integral part of warehousing and must be chosen based on the material to be stored. If the items to be stored are more or less standard in shape and size, the choice of storage systems is easier. However, when items are large and irregular in shape and size, standard racking systems are far from suitable. So if you are dealing in products like tubing, carpeting, lumber, plumbing pipes, steel bars, plasterboards, trusses, and other such bulky or difficult to handle material, a flexible storage solution is required. Thankfully there’s a simple solution for this dilemma and it comes in the form of Cantilever Racks – the perfect solution when one size does not fit all!

Cantilever Racks are multi-level, high-density storage racks devised to store heavy items irrespective of their shapes and sizes. Being devoid of columnar obstructions they also promote ease in maneuvering. An added advantage is that the entire racking space is available for storage. The USP of this racking system is its immense flexibility as it is designed to suit varying heights, widths, and arm styles. It basically comprises of columns, a set of braces, and as many arms as required. The width of the rack is determined by the length of the braces. These racks can be expanded as storage needs increase, by adding additional columns, braces, and arms – making Cantilever Racking Systems flexible in every sense of the word.

This robust racking system is offered in a choice of either single-sided or doubled-sided configurations with multiple tiers to increase storage capacity. The single-sided Cantilever Racks are generally set up against a wall in the warehouse, while the double-sided racks are accessible from both sides. The single-sided Cantilever Rack is great for floor space saving. The advantage of the double-sided cantilever rack is that it has a higher storage capacity, albeit with additional floor space. The flexibility of Cantilever Racks lies in the fact that all racking levels are adjustable to suit individual needs. Items stored are also easily accessible, and forklifts can effortlessly load and unload heavy, irregular items stored in these racks, since there are no columnar obstructions.

Whether your priority is secure storage of heavy, irregular shaped items, space saving, time saving, or easy accessibility, Cantilever Racks score high on all these counts. Another reason for their popularity is that they make it possible to expand storage capacity as the organisation grows, without necessitating layout changes or warehouse expansion. It’s no wonder then, that Cantilever Racking is used in several small-scale industries and large-scale industries to store raw materials, goods, and finished products.

Features of Cantilever Racks

  • • Well-suited for storing long, bulky, irregular shaped inventory
  • • Robust design
  • • Increases storage capacity – both horizontal and vertical
  • • Easy accessibility for loading and unloading
  • • Capable of enduring rugged handling
  • • Designed for variable length of goods
  • • Powerful built for stacking heavy inventory
  • • Highly versatile and flexible system

Cantilever Rack Applications

Cantilever Racks are widely used in both small as well as large scale industries for storing heavy, bulky items like furniture and carpets; long inventory like pipes, steel bars etc.; and oddly shaped material like tubing, lumber, plasterboards, trusses, etc.

Advantages of Cantilever Racks:

  • • Cantilever Racks can be easily installed.
  • • They can be easily moved between locations.
  • • Adjustable for accommodating inventory of varying shapes and sizes.
  • • Saves space even when storing long, heavy, or oddly shaped inventory like lumber, long pipes etc.
  • • Customisable to specific needs as the arms can be adjusted to suit inventory size.
  • • Flexible to suit any load, thus saving time and money.
  • • Compact in size which saves on ground space.
  • • Economical as less material is used.
  • • Option of single-sided racking by attaching it to walls, or double-sided racking using an I-Beam.
  • • Increases stocking efficiency for long and flat material.
  • • Reduces handling time as there are no columnar obstructions that hinder loading and unloading.
  • • Increases productivity by reducing handling time since it is forklift-friendly.
  • • Highly durable and robust.
  • • Good accessibility which promotes ease in storage and retrieval.
  • • Designed keeping safety in mind.
  • • Stable and convenient.

Kompress Cantilever Racks bring you all these benefits as they are specifically created for storage of long and bulky products. Flexible in design, it is available in both single-sided and doubled-sided racking, both of which can provide multiple-tiers, thereby increasing the storage capacity to suit your current and future requirements. With all racking levels being adjustable and easily accessible, the inventory retrieval process is smooth and time saving. If you need to conveniently and safely store Items of varying loads and lengths, Kompress Cantilever Racking system is exactly what you need.

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