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Mobile Compactor Storage System Manufacturer

Space in the universe may be that limitless vast expanse, but on Planet Earth, space must be judiciously created within that expensive piece of land with skyrocketing prices/rentals! It’s natural then that organisations will do their best to optimise space in every conceivable way, in order to get the most out of their valuable money.

Storage systems are one of the areas in which there has been considerable effort targeted at space optimisation. Vertically expanding storage systems save on floor space and are therefore a great way of maximising storage. But then vertical storage comes with accessibility issues that need to be addressed. This is where the experience, knowledge and innovation of Kompress come to your aid in the form of Compactor Storage Solutions. Whether it is Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, Mechanical Compactor Systems, Warehouse Software and Storage Solutions, Automated Storage Systems, or Office Storage – Kompress has it all. At Kompress, storage is an art that is firmly based on the science of space – ensuring storage solutions that are systematic, strategic, space saving, sturdy and secure!

Let’s explore some of these smart storage systems and how they can help you optimise your investments.

Mobile Compactor Storage Systems

Kompress Mobile Compactors focus on compressing storage into a much smaller area, and effectively optimising storage capacity by 80-100 %, while freeing up to 50% of floor space. This innovative storage system is a cost-effective and ergonomic solution to space utilisation. Based on a unique concept that works on the principle of a transferable aisle, Mobile Compactors eliminate the need for multiple aisles and thus optimise space without compromising on convenience. The space saved by eliminating multiple aisles can be used productively elsewhere, paving the way for better return on real estate investment.

Types of Kompress Mobile Compactor Storage Systems

  • • Mechanical Mobile Storage Compactor
    Kompress Mechanical Compactor System employs mechanically assisted controls with ergonomically designed handles to easily slide heavily loaded storage bays. Its anti-topple system boosts stability and safety of the compactor body.
  • • Motorised Mobile Storage Compactor
    Kompress Motorised Mobile Storage Compactors are excellent when the number of units is large. An electrical push button helps the unit to move smoothly, and makes possible the movement of multiple units at the same time.
  • • Monorail Storage Systems
    Kompress Monorail Systems are a great way of making small narrow spaces productive. The rear side cabinets are fixed, whereas the frontal cabinets have a base that glides over parallel rails. Since the front row has one cabinet less than the back row, the front cabinets can be moved left or right to create the required space to access the back cabinets.
  • • Double Decker Mobile Storage Compactor
    This compactor from Kompress doubles your storage capacity. All you need is floor-ceiling height and Kompress will increase your storage capacity by almost 200% within the same area.
  • • Manual Push Pull Mobile Compactor
    In small storage areas, Kompress Manual Push Pull Mobile Compactors are a superb fit. Economical and maintenance-free, these heavy duty compactors are designed with ergonomic handles, and incorporate sliding bays that provide smooth and easy movement.

Let’s move on to Kompress’ well thought out solutions for warehousing.

Kompress Warehouse Software and Storage Solutions

Kompress offers well researched, well planned Warehouse Storage Systems that maximise space and streamline operations. End-to-end solutions are also offered via Material Handling Systems.

Types of Kompress Warehouse Storage Solutions

  • • Racking Storage
    Choose from a whole range of Racking Storage i.e. Selective Pallet Racking, High Density Motorised Systems, Drive-in/Drive-through Racking, Push Back Racking, Cantilever Racking, Multi-Tier Racking, Live Racking, Carton Flow Racking, and Boltless Shelving.
  • • Material Handling Equipment
    Kompress Material Handling Equipment comes in various forms to efficiently handle material whatever the weight, shape or size. Solutions include Hand Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Stackers, Manual Stackers, Semi-Electric Stackers, Full Electric Stackers, Drum Lifters, Drum Lifting Attachments, Counter Balanced Electric Stackers, and Electric Tow Tractors.
  • • Logistics Support Software Solutions
    In the area of logistics software, Kompress offers Warehouse Management System, Record Management System, and Retail Inventory Management System – the perfect solutions to easily track inventory, maintain accurate quantity and location records… and much more.

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