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We are Kompress India Pvt Ltd. A leader in Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, Heavy Duty Racking, Pallet Racking, Lockers and Filing Cabinets, Warehouse Software and Storage Solutions, Material Handling Equipment and Storage Systems.

Over the decades, we have earned unparalleled credentials in project management and providing turnkey solutions across the globe.

Kompress – Going Beyond Storage

We have mastered the science of space. Optimising available space specifically to maximise productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our storage solutions help free up space. That’s invaluable real estate with the potential for other commercial opportunities. Welcome to Kompress. Where storage is elevated to a science.

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Space Management Solutions Across Industries and Beyond Geographies

From its nerve centre in Mumbai, Kompress has evolved into a renowned Indian Multinational OEM, reaching out across the planet, through customized storage products, project management and turnkey solutions to almost any industry in the country and around the globe.

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