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As a concept, space is the most basic and universal. And yet, it is perhaps the most ignored. Management of space is fundamental to the daily running of business and industry. Raw material and finished products have to be stored; files and documents have to be kept securely; books and medical records need to be retrieved systematically. All keeping in mind the shortage of space and skyrocketing amounts of owning or renting the space.

Therefore, space is the most valuable currency. It is real estate! And needs to be managed efficiently so that it maximises storage and minimises cost.

Decades of Formulating the Science of Space

We are Kompress India Pvt Ltd. A leader in Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, Heavy Duty Racking, Pallet Racking, Lockers and Filing Cabinets, Warehouse Software and Storage Solutions, Material Handling Equipment and Storage Systems.

Kompress (India) Pvt. Ltd. was born out of a vision to not just produce storage solutions, but evolve the process into a science that would encompass any need, howsoever unique or innovative. Our space utilisation solutions are based on international concepts of storage and warehousing, curated by a highly experienced research team and supported by world-class design and manufacturing facilities. Quality is the lifeblood that courses through our veins.

Today, from its nerve centre in Mumbai, Kompress has evolved into a renowned Indian Multinational OEM, reaching out across the planet, through customized storage products, project management and turnkey solutions to almost any industry in the country and around the globe.

With clients in Asia, Africa, Russia, UAE and USA, our bouquet of offerings has changed the way organisations around the world manage their storage.

Experience the art of storage and the science of space with Kompress.

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