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Push Back Racking

Push Back Racking

Push Back Pallet Racking expands the storage capacity and handling capacity without utilizing additional space. It is a great storage solution for industries that require speed and agility. It simplifies the logistics process by following the LIFO (Last In First Out) method of storage and retrieval. Excluding the last pallet which is supported by rails, a set of rails and a pair of trolleys are placed for each pallet that needs to be stored. Push Back Pallet Racking requires only one aisle for both loading and off-loading.

  • High Density Storage
  • LIFO Storage
  • Fast Moving Goods
  • Increased upper warehouse space
  • Follows International Safety Standards
  • High-speed loading and unloading
  • Increased productivity
  • Safe
  • Economical
  • Space-saving
  • Eases logistics operations
  • Adjustable and customized
  • Effective storage solution
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