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Heavy Duty Safety and Durability!

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For any facility or company that deals in goods or material that need to be continuously stored and retrieved, Heavy Duty Pallet Racking is a blessing and a necessity. The need can arise in warehouses of heavy-duty manufacturers or even in retail spaces. In most cases, heavy duty storage systems are required to hold items of mixed nature and dimensions.

Everything from medium to large sized items are stored in heavy duty pallet racks. These could be raw material and components required in manufacturing, but even large finished goods like furniture, machinery, tyres, etc. Basically, heavy duty pallet racking systems are required for more robust material handling environments.

Matters of Prime Concern

But because they house and handle heavy duty material, durability and safety become matters of prime concern for both rack manufacturers and end-users alike. In a sense, durability and safety are both related to each other. Breach of one is invariably a breach of the other, and given the humongous weights they hold, any breach can result in enormous damage to inventory and, far greater than that, risk to human life. Either way, the consequences can be crippling – financially, legally and by way of reputation too.

The Heavy Duty Industrial Pallet Racking system should be so built to incorporate every safety measure and prevent any disaster.

Within these constraints, proper organization for quick, easy and secure storage and retrieval is paramount. If not stored properly, chances of damage increase, which results in losses. Improper stacking also consumes lots of space, which is a huge downside when it comes to storing and retrieving. All of these issues are mitigated or even eliminated with Heavy Duty Pallet Racking systems from Kompress.

Kompress will Impress

Kompress is India’s leader and even pioneer in a few genres of storage systems and compatibles – Mobile Compactors, lockers and filing cabinets, heavy duty and pallet racking, warehouse software and storage solutions, and material handling equipment.

Kompress’ Heavy Duty Pallet Rack options streamline your inventory with a high degree of organisational efficiency.

The following factors enhance durability:

  • • Material: Structural as opposed to roll-formed
  • • Horizontal spacing
  • • Boxed or double columns
  • • Rub rails / heavy horizontals at the floor
  • • Post protectors / bull noses
  • • Multiple anchors
  • • Bolt in pallet supports
  • • Load Density

Kompress also incorporates several safety features and accessories into its Heavy Duty Pallet Racking systems:

  • • Safety Bars: These provide added pallet fall protection, by connecting the front and back cross beams.
  • • Safety Beam Clips: Affixed to cross beams, they secure the beam with the upright frame.
  • • Safety Netting: A nylon or plastic mesh that secures the back of the rack, for increased safety and fall protection.
  • • Wire Mesh Deck: Welded wire that rests on the beams, creating a shelf level for added protection against falling pallets or products. Support channels welded on the bottom of the wire help increase load support capacity too.

When so much is riding on your heavy duty pallet racking system, besides the fact that it is going to serve your need for years or even decades, it is critical to get it right the first time. And indeed, with Kompress, you simply cannot go wrong!

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