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Making Storage and Retrieval a Breeze

In the absence of order and logic – manufacturing and factory floors, retail and distribution facilities, even institutions would be in a state of utter disarray and chaos.

If this is not the case, it is thanks to Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) that first originated in the 1960s. Back then, the focus was on heavy pallet loads, primarily for large items. But as technology itself evolved, so did these systems and, today, the handed loads have become smaller – or rather all-inclusive.

How it Works

As you might expect, the entire system and processes are computerized. Storage, retrieval and inventory are all managed under computerized control. Take retrieval, for example… The required item and quantity are input into the system, which then determines its specific position in the storage area, and schedules its retrieval.

The computer directs the automated storage and retrieval machine (SRM) to the specified location and prompts it to retrieve the said item and then deposit it at another specified location for utilization or pick-up.

AS/RS often have a series of conveyors or automated guide vehicles that help complete tasks seamlessly. They either take the item into the storage area for keeping, or out of it for utilization – which may often be the manufacturing floor or loading docks.

In case of storing, the pallet or tray begins its journey from an input dock. The required information is then fed into the computer interface, prompting the system to transport the item to the storage facility and place it at the specified suitable slot.

The system itself automatically maintains inventory by updating all information as per storage or retrieval.

Seamless Automation

AS/RS bring a host of benefits to any organization or operational area. It is less labour-intensive; inventory levels can maintained at a minimum, thus freeing up space for other use; tracking and management of inventory becomes accurate; and, as mentioned, space, time and money are all saved. Automated systems store inventory far more densely and hence more efficiently as compared to manual systems.

Storage formats are also rendered more flexible in AS/RS. They can be placed on trays or hung from bars – which are moved up or down by a mechanism of chains and drives. A Storage & Retrieval Machine (SRM) is at the heart of the operations. It is capable of moving loads vertically, horizontally and, can itself move laterally to slot objects in their allocated space. Basically, an SRM enables quick storage and retrieval of items.

SRMs automatically pick up or deliver material to precise positions at specified ports, making inbound or outbound handling a breeze. In this era of Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing, where raw material requirements are aligned precisely with production schedules as opposed to being stocked up unnecessarily, AS/RS helps organize storage of smaller items right next to production lines.

The Kompress Advantage

If planned, designed and executed correctly, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems can drastically improve efficiency around factory floors, retail spaces and warehouses. By rationalizing the amount of inventory, it helps save space and costs. Space is further freed up thanks to high-density storage and narrower aisles.

Then there is the savings from lower manpower requirements which, by extension, also means a greater safety quotient.

Kompress brings you all these benefits and advantages via its Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. In addition to everything explained above, they also bring logic and strategy to the system by, for example, grouping together items or products that are popular or sold together. By placing such items closer to the delivery port, the process of picking, packing and delivery to customers is speeded up. A huge boon for order processing and logistics management.

Further, Kompress’ AS/RS scientifically tracks and manages inventory, by generating reports that contain all important information such as suppliers of each item and duration of storage. In effect, allowing owners to analyse the data and have full control over inventory and thus optimize storage space. They can now be better prepared for demand and supply cycles or even spike situations seasons such as peak or festive seasons.

If storage and retrieval of raw material, manufacturing components or finished goods is a vital part of your company’s operations, look no further than Kompress’ Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. It’s the smarter and more efficient way of doing business.

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