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Mechanical Mobile Compactors – Literally Path-breaking Storage Solutions!

Mechanical Mobile Compactors – Literally Path-breaking Storage Solutions! - Kompress India

Most people will agree that space on earth is limited… after all we can’t go about extending our planet, can we? But there’s a science that helps create space on earth – yes, you read it right – space can be created within the defined boundaries of planet Earth!

Like every other science, there’s plenty of ‘out of the box’ thinking, and research that goes into creating space within limited confines. But let’s leave the technicalities to the experts like Kompress. Our focus is on how your organisation can benefit from the ingenuity showcased in a variety of space saving (or rather space creating) storage systems, that can be customised to suit your available space. After all, when it comes to business organisations, there’s every reason to save valuable space and use it productively to enhance the bottom line!

This blog puts the spotlight on Mechanical Mobile Compactors – an innovative space-saving storage solution. This distinctive storage model works on the principle of transferable aisles, converting warehouse pathways into storage space instead – a path-breaking (pun intended) way of optimising space utilisation. Installed on light or heavy-duty base units, they can be shifted parallel to each other, to retrieve items via a single aisle! Indeed, eliminating the need for multiple aisles is a sure shot way of conserving floor space and freeing it up for other productive uses – the secret to intelligently styling your work place and prudently enhancing the bottom line!

Let’s review the manifold ways in which your organisation can profit from Mechanical Mobile Compactors. As the name suggests, these are compact storage systems that come equipped with mobility, to ease your inventory woes. They are designed to double the storage productivity, enhance storage capacity, and facilitate the stocking and retrieval of items stored.

Kompress Mechanical Mobile Storage Compactors are long-term storage solutions since they are made from sturdy high-grade steel, which prevents rust and increases durability. The robust construction also ensures security, and prevents unauthorised access to confidential documents and valuable goods. Mechanical Mobile Compactors are a great way to organise your inventory and also come with indexation facilities to aid inventory management. This multi-purpose storage system is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of products – be it important files, engineering components, medical instruments, back office articles etc. (more about this later).

Features of Mechanical Mobile Compactors

  • • Customised design
  • • Optimum space utilisation
  • • Chain, Sprocket, Hand-wheel driven
  • • Central locking (2Pt.)
  • • Safety lock
  • • Indexing for identification
  • • Easy storage and retrieval
  • • Anti-tilt top guide
  • • Anti-rust treated
  • • Adjustable shelf
  • • Ergonomic design

Mechanical Mobile Compactor Applications

  • Offices/ Logistic Companies
    Documents Storage, File Storage, Stationery
  • Warehouses/Factories
    Storage of Components Boxes, Spare Parts, Hardware, Multiple SKUs, Engineering and Allied Items
  • Hospitals/Labs/Pharmaceuticals
    Patient Records, Slides, Medical Instruments, Medicine Sample Storage
  • Showrooms
    Back Office Storage
  • Libraries & Educational Institutions
    Archives, Documents, Books

Advantages of Mechanical Mobile Compactors:

  • • Space saving – up to 50% less floor space occupied.
  • • Higher floor surface utilisation which lowers floor space cost.
  • • High storage capacity (enhanced by up to 80-100 % of static storage solutions).
  • • Facilitates Inventory Management via improved overview of all product lines.
  • • Well-organised material
  • • Indexation facility
  • • Security
  • • Accessibility – direct access to all items.
  • • Versatility – multi-purpose storage
  • • Economy
  • • Locking facility

If you are looking for a highly efficient Mobile Compactor, you’ll find the answer in Kompress Mechanical Mobile Storage Compactors which are a cost-effective and ergonomic solution to space utilisation in work places. By compressing storage into a much smaller area, our Compactors effectively optimise storage capacity by 80-100 %, freeing up to 50% of floor space and also enhancing warehouse volumes.

But that’s not all! You’ll be glad to know that Kompress is a one-stop storage solution provider and is reputed for storage solutions based on international concepts of storage and warehousing, curated by a highly experienced research team. We offer world-class designs from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Choose from our extensive range of secure, well planned, space-saving storage solutions that take care of all your storage requirements.

Visit us at to view our wide range of safe, secure and simultaneously aesthetic storage systems, designed for every need.

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