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Rack-supported warehouse - How it differs from a conventional warehouse?

Rack-supported warehouse - Kompress India

The primary utility of a warehouse is storage. Thus, a warehouse is best optimized when every square meter of space is utilized for storage – horizontal floor space as well as vertical height. But does such a fully optimized warehouse exist in reality?

It actually does! And it’s called a Rack-Supported or Clad-Rack Warehouse. Here’s how it differs from a conventional warehouse…

The traditional warehouse first needs a traditional building structure to begin with – floor slab, pillars, trusses, beams, walls, girders and roofing. Now only within this structure and its limitations, can the racking system be built. Significant floor space is lost to aisles and other open spaces necessary for movement of forklifts, stored goods and personnel.

Stroke of Genius

The Clad-Rack Warehouse, on the other hand, is a stroke of genius. It kills two birds with one stone. Because the racking system itself is the supporting structure, vertical and horizontal space is maximized. As the pallet racks reach all the way to the very top; and with fewer aisles, floor space is also optimized. The building shell (its walls and the roof) are literally fixed on to the racking system. Hence, it is the racking system that gets built first, and on to this are the wall and roof cladding affixed.

The storage system itself is now the core of the warehouse building, capable of withstanding all environmental factors and forces of nature.

The racks in the warehouse are called pallet racks. In the Clad-Rack system, one can build as many pallet racks as the cubic area will permit. Pallets are important components in a supply chain and can significantly impact the outcome of a shipment. How loaded and empty pallets are stored greatly influences operational efficiency. Further, the ease of installation can hugely impact profitability and productivity.

Benefits of Pallet Racking:

Space Optimization: Kompress Pallet Racking Systems utilize maximum floor and vertical space as they require fewer aisles and rise all the way to the roof. Pallet Racking maximizes cubic space utilization.

Capacity Enhancement: A few ingenious ways can vastly increase bulk storage capacity especially in case of high-density product SKUs. A push-back pallet racking system, for example, employs a static rack structure but complements it with moving carts on rails. Drive-in or drive-through pallet racks help reduce the number of aisles required to reach stored goods.

Inventory Control Versatility: The type of products or goods stored decides the inventory management system. Kompress Pallet Racking Systems options are adaptable to different inventory control methods – be it First-In-First-Out or First-Expired-First-Out. In high-density automated warehouses, pallet racking makes digital tracking of products easier.

Customizable: Kompress Pallet Racking Systems come in various configurations. Hence, they can easily integrate into warehouses of any dimensions – which helps customize warehouses as per the demands of the supply chain operations. Clad-Rack warehouses are quick and easy to install as all they require are the floor slab. Similarly, easy to dismantle and shift to another site.

Safety Compliant: A safe working environment is now non-negotiable thanks to stringent guidelines. Work-floor accidents can impact a company’s credibility, brand image and recruitment, besides becoming a legal headache. Kompress Pallet Racking Systems deliver a robust warehouse storage solution fully compliant with OSHA guidelines.

Longevity: Pallets are key components in supply chain efficiency. Any damage or failure can cripple warehouse operations. Conventional wooden pallets often get damaged in transit or from overuse. Kompress Pallet Racking Systems utilize high quality and durable plastic pallets designed to withstand the rigours of the warehouse environment.

Kompress is India’s pioneer and leader in innovative solutions across the entire eco-system of commercial, corporate and industrial storage systems. Its warehouse solutions are vast and varied, and customizable too, because the company firmly believes that one size can never fit all! Kompress is renowned for quality solutions – a result of its entirely in-house manufacturing and quality control resources. Kompress’ innovative storage solutions have helped clients across the world add efficiency to their operations.

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