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Filing Cabinets – Your Friendly Office Furniture

Filing Cabinet - Kompress India

Filing Cabinets are a must have for every office, across every sector. The convenience they provide for storing routine as well as important documents make them indispensible for Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, and beyond. Those important documents, neatly filed in files are then safely tucked away into Filing Cabinets, to be easily retrieved when required. Indeed Filing Cabinets score high on the list of friendly office furniture, as they make life a lot easier in the office space.

Kompress understands that your important documents contain a world of vital information which is so critical for your organisation. Our Filing Cabinets are therefore designed to be robust and secure, to safely protect your valuable information. We also understand the need for a visually appealing office environment and therefore offer aesthetically designed Filing Cabinets that gel with your office décor.

Filing Cabinets are basically enclosures for drawers in which files can be stored. They come in two forms – Vertical and Lateral – to suit the size and layout of your office space. In a Vertical Filing Cabinet the drawers extend from the short side which is typically 15 inches or 380 mm of the cabinet. In a Lateral Filing Cabinet the drawers of various lengths extend from the long side of the cabinet. The versatility of Vertical Filing Cabinets makes them adaptable to your requirements. You can choose to have two, three or four drawers to suit the varying sizes of your files that may contain A4, Legal, or Letter size documents. The drawer movements are smooth, making them convenient to operate. The safety of your files is secured through a central locking mechanism, permitting access only to authorised employees.

Features of Filing Cabinets

  • • Made from Mild Steel (CRCA)
  • • Effortless sliding mechanism
  • • Central locking system
  • • Choice of accessories
  • • Floor levellers
  • • Indexing facility
  • • Powder coated
  • • Wooden top

Importance of Filing Cabinets

  • • Filing Cabinets offer large storage space while economizing on floor space, making them a great boon for offices where floor space comes at a premium.
  • • They enhance productivity by providing a good indexing facility, which helps organise files containing important information, promoting easy storage and retrieval. This effortless access to information saves on unproductive time spent in searching for documents.
  • • Filing Cabinets provide a systematic way of centrally storing all important files and documents in one place, which is great way to prevent loss of critical information.
  • • They are made from mild steel, which helps preserve the documents and keeps them intact for a long period of time.
  • • Filing Cabinets can be easily moved around, thanks to their lightweight modular structure.
  • • The stackable design of Filing Cabinets make them amenable to expanding storage space, as your needs increase.
  • • They can also accommodate office stationery.

Filing Cabinet Applications

Filing Cabinets are widely used in a variety of places ranging from Offices, BPO’s, IT Companies, Banks, Hospitals, Industries, Warehouses, Schools, and Colleges.

Advantages of Filing Cabinets

  • • Safe and secure storage
  • • Cost-effective
  • • Aesthetic designs add to office ambience
  • • Long-lasting
  • • Extensive choice of sizes
  • • Treated for anti-rust
  • • Choice of various shades and finishes
  • • Knock down construction for easy transport and installation
  • • Termite-free

Kompress Filing Cabinets come designed to provide safety, security, document preservation, flexibility, and space saving. What’s more is that we customise our storage solutions to suit your needs and décor.

Kompress, a one stop storage solution provider is reputed for storage solutions based on international concepts of storage and warehousing, curated by a highly experienced research team. We offer world-class designs from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Choose from our extensive range of secure, well planned, space-saving storage solutions that take care of all your storage requirements.

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