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Enhance Warehouse Storage Capacity

Enhance Warehouse Storage Capacity - Kompress India

Space is the most valuable asset! In households or businesses, space is always at a premium – storage remains a major issue. But that may be the case only because most people don’t think out of the box, when it comes to storage space… Or, more accurately, think beyond floor space!

The storage space crunch has a real and innovative solution. It’s called Heavy Duty Pallet Racking. These are designed to maximize floor space, reduce and even eliminate clutter, improve organization and efficiency, and ensure safe, secure storage.

Heavy Duty Racks are shelving systems designed to securely store medium to large items – be they manufacturing components, machinery, finished goods, etc. Being strong and durable, they are perfect for rough and robust environments like commercial and industrial warehouses. Indeed, they have become a preferred and popular option for logistics and manufacturing companies, and any medium to large business that require warehousing for their day to day functioning.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking systems are a big boon to warehouses. In fact, when planned well, they can dramatically enhance warehouse space. Here’s why they are great for businesses and manufacturing companies…

Optimization of Warehouse Space: Floor space in warehouses is finite. Once this has been exhausted, the option is to expand the warehouse or move into a new facility – both costly propositions, apart from all the inconvenience.

Heavy Duty Racking systems resolve the issue at nominal cost. Because they look upwards! By utilizing vertical space, it is possible to open up several multiples of the same floor space.

Better Operational Efficiency: When goods are stacked on the floor, storage and retrieval become extremely difficult and disorganized – and hence time consuming. Heavy Duty Racking straightaway eliminates all of this, as the goods are now stored in a logical and easily retrievable manner. Further time is cut down by use of material handling equipment and warehouse management software.

Floor clutter and obstacles can now be completely eliminated, thus further enhancing movement and efficiency, and drastically reducing risk of injury.

Enhancing Warehouse Safety: As mentioned earlier, the elimination of clutter and obstacles ensures safe, unhindered passage and movement of personnel and equipment. This reduces risk of injury to workers and damage to goods. Which actually means cost savings and avoidance of needless insurance and legal hassles.

For further security, heavy duty racks can also be bolted to the floor to enhance stability and reduce risk of collapse in case of disasters. Additionally, safety accessories like frame guards, guard rails, etc, can also be added.

Convenience and Flexibility: Heavy Duty Racking systems can easily be installed or uninstalled without major inconvenience. As such, this can be carried out even during regular warehouse working hours, with only minimal disruption. Scale-up and addition of safety accessories can also be executed easily.

Kompress Reassurance

That’s great! But where does one get these Heavy Duty Racking systems from? Who is a tried and trusted supplier in this regard?

One word: Kompress! The brand is India’s leader and even pioneer in a few genres of storage systems and compatibles – Mobile Compactors, lockers and filing cabinets, heavy duty and pallet racking, warehouse software and storage solutions, and material handling equipment. Kompress has planned and executed innumerable storage system projects and assignments right across the country and even around the world.

From advisory to planning to execution and installation, Kompress is your single window for every kind of storage need.

When the need for standard or innovative storage installations in new warehouses or existing ones arise, Kompress is your best bet.

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