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When Google crashed, Kompress didn’t!

On 14th December 2020, Google crashed!

…Or at least many of their services did. For sure, it was big news, because the scale and depth of Google is unbelievable – and not appreciated until something like this happens. Even though the outage lasted less than an hour, it was enough to spark waves of panic – and right around the world. In a virtual sort of way, it was pandemic-like.

And that’s because almost everybody who has online access uses Google in some form or the other. The panic of being locked out of Gmail, for example, is completely understandable. Because, a lot of people use Google Drive as their happy storage space up in the cloud!

The downtime was less than an hour, but the instinctive fear was: ‘What if this was forever… What happens to all my important documents stored in the virtual space!’

A shuddering thought and eminently valid fear! Just think… What if something like that actually happened! What if you cannot access your online documents ever again? What if, one fine day, Google or any other similar service experienced gargantuan technical issues that, maybe, resulted in all that storage being wiped out. Or what if the services themselves simply folded up. Sounds unrealistic… but then there’s always Murphy’s Law!

The point of this blog isn’t to scare you about doomsday scenarios, rather to help you in taking precautionary measures to insulate yourself against such an eventuality – even if it’s just a one in a billion possibility.

The crashing of Google servers around the world point to the criticality of having a Plan B – namely good ol’ physical storage. But not just any old physical storage. Rather, one that’s secure in every way – be it against human mischief, mishaps or to some extent, even Mother Nature’s fury or the eventualities of Father Time.

Four words: Storage solutions from Kompress!

Among its other storage solutions, Kompress’ mobile compactor is the best answer to the issue of losing online storage, or inability to access it. In fact, it goes even beyond the ‘alternative to online storage’ argument. Entities like offices, hospitals, courts, Governmental institutions, etc, need hardcopy access as a matter of procedure. The mobile compactor is made especially for corporate and institutional spaces where security, confidentiality, aesthetics, ease of accessibility and space crunch are the dominant issues.

As the name suggests, it can virtually free up to 50% space – a function of its innovative design and functionality. This is because it is movable with minimal effort, and hence does away with space lost to aisles.

The mobile compactor scores hugely over conventional storage – shelves, almirahs (cupboards), cabinets and the like – in fact it’s a complete no-contest! Conventional storage is always vulnerable to issues like security, dust, germs, termites, and environmental vagaries.

On top of this, the benefits of the mobile compactor system extend to aesthetics, ease of storage and retrieval, workplace efficiency, potential of catering to several departments in a limited area, etc.

Kompress’ contemporary storage solutions go far beyond the mobile compactor. Additionally, they include high-security lockers and cabinets for offices; heavy-duty racking solutions for factories and warehouses, and even turnkey solutions where conventional ones won’t suffice. All of these are driven by innovation, R&D and precision engineering. Quality is at the heart of every Kompress product or project, and completely within the company’s control, because almost all the base material and manufacturing processes are in-house.

Kompress was the first to bring these innovative and avant-garde solutions to India. Established in 1989, it has today bloomed into an Indian multinational with clients across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and the US. It counts amongst its clientele, some of the most globally reputed names.

The company prides itself on comprehensively being a customer-centric brand. Its philosophy is that ‘one size (or two… or ten or a hundred, for that matter) does not fit all’. The spatial and other needs of every individual client – big or small – is scrutinized and analysed, and a customised solution delivered, taking into consideration every possible imponderable and limitation. Further, the customer can opt between individual solutions, end-to-end, value-added solutions that go beyond core offerings to material handling equipment and software integration as well. In fact, in case of special and complicated needs, even opt for turnkey project solutions.

Don’t wait for another Google outage to remind you how important it is to have a Plan B when it comes to storage of vital documents and records. Get in touch with Kompress today, and benefit from the very best in storage technology and innovation. Or, as the Kompress motto goes: Maximum storage in minimum space.

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