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Reasons you need Pallet Racks in your Warehouse

Reasons you need Pallet Racks in your Warehouse - Kompress India

Pallet racks are popular storage systems in warehouses. If you’re considering upgrading or revising your warehouse, there are various racking systems to choose from, including structural steel selective pallet rack systems, pallet flow solutions, and drive-in units.

The right pallet racking system can improve warehouse operations to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. It also allows for seamless integration with warehouse management software.

This allows you to gain critical data points and key performance indicators to help you implement cost-saving strategies and improve order fulfillment to save your company money and increase customer satisfaction.

A comprehensive solution that drives the warehouse business. Kompress’ Warehouse Storage Systems not only help utilise the space to its maximum but also streamlines warehouse operations. Should you require end-to-end solutions, we also expand our offering to Material Handling Systems.

Types of Warehouse Storage

  • Racking Storage

  • Material Handling Equipment

  • Logistics Support Software Solution

Pallet Racks- Reasons you need them in your warehouse

Shortage of Space – If you find that you’re running short on square footage to house your inventory and manage workflow, pallet racks are the perfect solution! These racks allow you to take advantage of the vertical square footage of your warehouse by allowing safe and easy stacking of your inventory.

Employee Injuries – An onsite employee injury in the workplace can be a nightmare for your entire business! A worker can be seriously injured and unable to continue employment, your insurance rates can go up, you may face legal action, and the incident can take a toll on employee morale. A warehouse with many moving parts can greatly benefit from a pallet racking system because it minimizes clutter and eliminates common hazards faced by employees.

Damaged Inventory – If your current inventory management processes are leading to damaged goods in your warehouse, this is a clear sign that something needs to change! These damages can lead to wasted inventory and shortages, which in turn affect your revenue and profits. With pallet racks, you no longer have to resort to stacking products on top of each other and can allocate sufficient space for each pallet. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damaged goods and provides for a safer workplace.

Lack of Efficiency – Although shortcomings in efficiency are hard to pinpoint until they become obvious, they’re directly tied to organization and accessibility within the warehouse facility. If pallets of products are stacked directly on top of one another, it obviously becomes increasingly difficult to access any particular pallet the higher you stack them. Pallet racks allow for quick and easy access to all inventory, minimizing the time spent on the forklift moving pallets around to get to what you need. Also, when everything is neatly organized in pallet racks, there is a lot less clutter in the facility, making it much easier to navigate and complete tasks quickly.

Lastly, although a Pallet Racking System is a huge first step to a more streamlined, safer warehouse, it’s only the beginning! Quality Material Handling offers lots of options to help you make your warehouse operations even more efficient and effective!

Benefits of Warehouse Pallet Racking

Maximising Warehouse Space -

When space is a little tight but moving or increasing the size of your warehouse storage is not an option, maximising warehouse space can be done by introducing a warehouse pallet racking system from Pallet Racking Systems Ltd.

Warehouse pallet racking embraces the height of a warehouse space rather than just the initial floor plan space. Making the most of the height of the building, allows you to save floor space and increase capacity limits. This means that warehouse capacity can be maximised to store as much stock as possible.

Racking is frequently used to create maximum storage for manufacturing companies, distribution companies and large retail stores where heavy stock capacity is needed.

There are a number of different types storage systems available to maximise space in any warehouse, for further information, take a look at our different types of warehouse storage systems FAQ!

Saving Money on Commercial Property -

Introducing a Pallet Racking system will save you from the extra costs of renting or buying extra or larger property. we also offer second hand warehouse storage, lowering potential costs even further.

Retail stores make the most of pallet racking storage, especially in town centres and city centres where properties are smaller and product storage space is limited.

Increasing Warehouse Efficiency -

You can increase your warehouse efficiency by introducing a racking system. Racking allows you to increase warehouse floor space for employees and machinery such as, forklift trucks. Increasing your warehouse storage space will decrease the amount of obstacles within the shop floor, increasing employee productivity.

An organised warehouse storage system provides optimum storage for inventory items and allows stock to be found or moved from one place to another safely and efficiently.

The efficiency of your warehouse storage can maximised by incorporating pallet racking accessories into your pallet racking system. We sell second hand Two-Tier Shelving to allow businesses to double their storage capacity. We also sell second-hand Mezzanine Flooring, which allows businesses to add another floor space to a proportion of their warehouse space. If used correctly, maximising warehouse space will increase warehouse efficiency.

Improving Warehouse Safety -

One of the most important benefits of incorporating a pallet racking system into your warehouse storage system is the increase in employee safety. A tidier more efficient warehouse lowers the chance of potential injuries within a work environment. Pallet racking systems increase floor space for larger walk ways and paths for machinery. Increasing your warehouse storage will result in there fewer or no tripping hazards within walk ways and paths. Having a neater storage system may encourage workers to store goods in a more neat and efficient way, decreasing the chance of products falling from shelving.

Pallet racking systems are built using steel, giving a sturdy warehouse storage solution. Depending on the owner’s choice, these steel frames are usually bolted to the warehouse floor space for added safety and stability.

We also sell pallet racking accessories to increase the safety levels of your warehouse storage.

Our Pallet Racking Frame Protectors and Heavy Duty Racking End Barriers, prevent forklift trucks from hitting and damaging pallet racking frames. These prevents the potential collapse of pallet racking if a collision were to occur.

We also sell Pallet Racking Anti-Collapse Mechanisms which are fitted to the rear of the pallet racking to avoid accidents occurring in the storage and handling of the pallets. This improves safety for those walking below.

It is important that your pallet racking system is regularly checked and maintained so that the shelving complies with health and safety regulations. If particular parts do not comply with regulations individual rack components can be replaced. Once safety is increased by the introduction of pallet racking, it is important that this level of safety continues.

As you can see, the benefits of warehouse pallet racking are more than worth the costs of purchasing a warehouse storage system. If optimised correctly, a warehouse racking system can be the perfect first step to a successful warehouse management system. Contact Pallet Racking Systems Ltd for further information on warehouse pallet racking.

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