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Double the Space, Double the Benefits

Double the Space, Double the Benefits - Kompress India

Two is better than one! Mostly. Or definitely when it comes to storage. At first Kompress gave you the mobile compactor which, space for space, increased storage by almost 50%. With that, one might have thought, they had reached the limit of their abilities. In the end, space is finite, after all. There will come a point beyond which no more is possible.

Not with Kompress! Not for nothing are they India’s pioneer and leader in innovative solutions across the entire eco-system of commercial, corporate and industrial storage systems. Kompress’ highly experienced team always looks at solutions above and beyond the pale of the ordinary.

This time, they looked ‘above’. In facilities with high ceilings, there is real estate literally in the air! And so, the Kompress research team came up with another innovative solution – the Double Decker Mobile Storage Compactor.

The 200% Masterstroke

This masterstroke in storage engineering literally doubles the storage capacity by building upwards – a second deck of storage, aka the Double Decker! If height is available then, area for area, storage space can be increased by 200%.

Double Decker Mobile Storage Compactor is an innovative space-saving storage system that is, at the same time, economical. It is self-contained and does not require the building of a mezzanine or any additional columns. In other words, it does not depend on external support; rather, supports itself!

The Double Decker finds excellent application in libraries or even corporate circles and the Government sector where the need for storage of important files and documents is constantly on the rise. With a locking facility, it’s also an excellent resource for storage of confidential paperwork.

However, its utility doesn’t end with documents. The Double Decker facility is equally suited to warehouses and factories that need to store components, spare parts, hardware, multiple SKUs, etc. And, for hospitals with high-volume storage needs of patient records, slides, medical samples and instruments. It is perfect too for showrooms that require large back-room storage space with quick access.

Advantages Galore

We mentioned that the Double Decker Mobile Storage Compactor is self-contained. Self-sufficient in accessibility too. It comes with a built-in metal staircase – or staircases, as the need may be, in case of large areas. In addition there are inbuilt walkways for the upper deck and independent drives for both tiers. Access is further driven by chain, sprocket and handwheel systems.

Customisation is a hallmark of Kompress, and this extends to the Double Decker too. Indexation makes identification and hence retrieval easy. The anti-tilt top guide provides better stability, while adjustable shelves deliver greater storage flexibility. The entire facility comes in mechanical and motorised variants.

The advantages of the Double Decker Mobile Storage Compactor are many. In addition to saving space and hugely enhancing storage capacity, they facilitate excellent organisation of the stored material, along with quick retrieval. Secure, stable, versatile, economical and long-lasting, this innovative storage facility is a Godsend to all kinds of workspaces that are bogged down by an ever-increasing burden of storage need.

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