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Perfect Prescription for a Pharmaceutical Company

Perfect Prescription for a Pharmaceutical Company

Kompress are India’s pioneers in mobile compactors , office storage solutions and warehouse racking systems. At a time (back in the 1990s) when institutional and corporate storage solutions meant nothing more than fitting a few shelves and angles and then haphazardly cramming storage material onto them, Kompress shone the light on a smart, logical, space-time-cost saving way of storage and safe-keeping of material such as documents, raw material, manufacturing parts, finished goods, etc.

Kompress offers storage and turnkey solutions for every requirement – from the smallest local business to the biggest global conglomerate across all sectors. Kompress offers effective and efficient answers to every storage need.

Formulating a Remedy for Efficient Storage System

PAR Pharmaceuticals, Indore, had a long-standing need of increasing the space utilisation and logistical efficiency of its warehouse storage. The brief was to build a sturdy, efficient and maintenance-free system of heavy-duty palletised storage, that would allow easy movement and access to MHEs right around the clock. Each pallet weighed one ton and needed to be stacked and stored up to a height of six metres.

Kompress recommended motorised racking as the ideal solution. Working around the limiting factor of pillars, the room was divided into two storage sections. Rails were laid flush on the floor. Carriages were mounted on them, with every required safety feature in place. The superstructure was then constructed, and the entire system wired and integrated into the control panel.

The result exceeded the brief and expectations of the client. Within the very same area, around 70% additional storage space became available, without compromising on MHE movement, access and operations. Decibel levels of operation were reduced, running cost was lowered, while all but eliminating the need for maintenance. All this while enhancing security levels. The project was completed within 90 days.

Intelligence and innovation are the key drivers of what Kompress does. These architects of space continue to raise the bar higher and higher. Watch out this space for more on how Kompress is optimizing and creating space on earth.

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