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Embracing Chaos

Unravelling the Science of Space - Kompress India

Space is possibly the most ignored thing. You just take it for granted, you don’t even think about it. Until you have to manage it. And when you get to managing it is when you realize how often you have wasted so much space, or not organized it in an orderly manner.

It is challenging to find solutions to how to store and where to store, and becomes doubly challenging, due to the complexity of product mix, cost involved and shortage of space. As the demand for storage is increasing so is the cost of warehousing – something which tells us that space = money. So optimizing and organizing space has become the need of the hour. This is where Kompress comes in. Your one-stop for end-to-end storage solutions. What Kompress offers is nothing short of a science. In fact, it is the ‘Science of Space’! The storage solutions offer maximum storage in minimum space, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity. Here’s just one of the ways they turned chaos into clarity.

From Chaos to Efficiency

Each project comes with its own set of challenges. In the case of RMSCL (Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation Ltd) – a Government procurement entity for all medical facilities activity for the entire state of Rajasthan, geography was one of the key challenges. Because medical storage warehouses were required not just at a single location, but across the length and breadth of the state – in all 33 districts, plus Govt medical colleges. Which added terrain, weather, mandatory rules and logistics to the challenge, not to mention interaction with various client teams, stringent documentation, compilation and submission – and of course the most unforgiving of all challenges – completing the entire project on time.

The existing storage facilities were caught in a time warp, and were in an utterly disorganised manner. Material was randomly stored all over the floor, and stacked one on top of the other. Which made identification, access and retrieval a real nightmare. It also resulted in frequent damages and a complete dependence on manual labour. Naturally, the entire work environment was untidy and inefficient.

Kompress analysed the situation and decided on long-span racking coupled with MHEs. The transformation was amazing. To begin with, space was optimised to such an extent that, now, the storage capacity almost trebled! Access and retrieval became quick and easy, while the use of MHEs drastically brought down the dependence on human effort. Damages and rejections of medicines were also drastically reduced, and the efficiency of the department right across the state improved dramatically. An amazing transformation that was completed inside of six months – from site assessment to commissioning.

Living up to their reputation of being India’s pioneers and innovators in storage solutions, Kompress’ ingenuity has been in evidence in almost every turnkey project they undertake. Their tagline of ‘We Create Space on Earth’ rings increasingly true as they seem to conjure space where none seems to exist.

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