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The Science of Space

When you think about it, space is the most abundant, universal and basic concept. It’s everywhere – from the, well, space immediately around you, to the farthest reaches of the known universe. Everybody experiences space; arguably, everybody even owns a little bit of it – personal space, as it’s called.

And yet, space is possibly the most ignored thing. You just take it for granted, you don’t even think about it. Until you have to manage it.

Everybody needs to manage space. But management of space in the corporate and industrial world is fundamental to the seamless running of daily business. Raw material and finished products have to be stored; files and documents have to be kept securely; books and medical records need to be retrieved systematically.

Any company or enterprise, however big or small, needs to store something or the other during their process cycle. How to store and where to store has become the perpetual challenge. Doubly challenging, due to the complexity of product mix, cost involved and shortage of space.

Over time, an acute need was felt for products that were space-saving, sturdy, offered systematic storage, easy-to-use, secure, modern and value for money.And that’s why Kompress came into being.

Kompress(India) Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1989. Its vision not just to provide storage solutions, but evolve the process into a science that would encompass any need, howsoever unique or innovative.

Today, from its nerve centre in Mumbai, Kompress has evolved into a renowned Indian Multinational OEM, reaching out across the planet, through customized storage products, project management and turnkey solutions to almost any industry in the country and around the globe.

Its clients – among them some of the most respected global names – are spread across Asia, Africa, Russia, UAE and USA. Its bouquet of offerings has changed the way organisations around the world manage their storage.

Kompress offers storage and turnkey solutions for every requirement – from the smallest local business to the biggest global conglomerate. From Mobile Compactors, Lockers and Filing Cabinets for offices, to Racking Storage, Material Handling Equipment and Logistics Solutions for warehouses and factories, Kompress offers effective and efficient answers to every storage need.

Kompress’ space utilisation solutions are based on international concepts of storage and warehousing. A highly experienced research team drives design and innovation, which are then executed at world-class design and manufacturing facilities. These facilities rival the best in the world, equipped as they are with highly advanced and sophisticated machines, kept up to date by constantly upgraded technology.

The manufacturing unit in Mahape, Navi Mumbai is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines such as CNC Turret Punch Press, CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, shearing machine, metal surface pre-treatment unit, powder coating equipment and oven baking, as well as other sheet metal fabrication machinery of the latest configurations.

It is thus fully geared towards achieving the goal of zero error components in precision sheet metal working.

Thefactory building and plant at Mahapeis a beehive of activity spread over a production area of 32,000 sq.ft. A complete fabrication work unit, it comprises in-house facilities for all operations, which ensures that quality remains a 100% deliverable value.

Technology drives everything at Kompress. Constantly upgraded, it ensures increased productivity and improved quality. The existence of a tech-driven R&D section at the very same site ensures close co-ordination between research and operations. As a result, even advanced systems such as electrically operated, computer linked storage systems, Aircraft Docking Systems, Aircraft Landing Gear and Servicing Platforms can be produced.

In the end it all comes down to perception of space. Kompress just looks at space through a different prism: Comprehending, assimilating and then innovating. Who would have thought that a universally ignored concept called space would one day require an entire science to be developed around its management.

Indeed, Kompress is all about the science of space!

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