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Water-tight Solution

Water-tight Solution - Kompress India

Kompress has elevated storage into a pure science, with its systems providing innovative solutions to logistical and accessibility issues as well. The boundaries of Kompress’ innovativeness extend far beyond solutions. Often, the company is called upon to think way out of the box and come up with a solution where none seemed possible in the first place. The company handles these complex turnkey assignments via its Special Projects Division. If there’s one thing Kompress takes pride in… then it is venturing into uncharted waters and claiming its victory by providing turnkey solutions even in the most logistically complex geographies.

Turning the tide

Freeing up storage space and integrating it into an efficient system is tough enough on land. Imagine, doing the same 80 km out at sea. The sheer logistics of moving material and men even before beginning the task, was itself a crippling problem.

The site was an ONGC offshore platform – 80 km into the ocean, remotely isolated from the Mumbai coastline. The only option for transporting all the material and tools was by boat, all of which then had to be hauled on to the platform by cranes. A task compounded by choppy waters and driving rain. The material had to be uniquely packed for sea-worthy movement, with absolutely no scope for shortage or damages, given the exorbitant cost and logistics for every turnaround trip.

Remote location, transport logistics, inclement weather, confined spaces, challenging work environment, safety procedures, survival/fitness certificates… all added up to a nightmare.

The Kompress team analysed every available storage room and their intended need, worked around their small and unique profiles and devised a solution. Specially customised heavy-duty Racking and Mobile Compactors were constructed, to securely store the rig’s heavy-duty spare parts, sensitive control units and precious products.

In such a remote location where space is the most precious commodity, Kompress effectively created some 60-65% additional storage space, thereby drastically increasing storage capacity. A super-natural assignment completed in just six months, despite the hazardous conditions and ruthless weather.

So in case you too are looking for space solutions that can turn the tide in your favour… remember Kompress is known to be a Tide Changer andintelligence and innovation are the key drivers of what Kompress does.

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