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Multi-benefits of Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-benefits of Multi-Tier Racking - Kompress India

What is the most valuable resource in business? For different people it could be different things, but lend it deeper thought and the one answer that may be universally true to whatever extent is ‘Space’.

Almost any business cannot exist without space. From a business perspective, ‘Space’ may be defined as an area from where one can run a business. Invariably running of a business will involve inventory – and hence the need for storage. When a business is into manufacturing, the need for storage space increases exponentially.

Most businesses involved in manufacturing own or lease out warehousing space. Simply because the quantum of finished goods, raw material and spare parts to be stored is immense. And not just store randomly – easy and instant access is just as important.

Unfortunately, like most other storage areas, warehouses come with finite or limited floor space. Once these are maximised, the only way is to increase storage space is to expand or relocate – both of which are costly and disruptive. So, what does a business do when it has reached maximum warehousing capacity, and yet needs more space for storage?

Go Upwards!

The answer comes from Kompress – India’s pioneers in innovative storage solutions: Multi-tier Racking. This is the perfect solution especially for warehouses that have high roofs. That’s because multi-tier racking builds upwards – as the name suggests, over multiple tiers or storeys. Effectively, it doubles, trebles or generally multiplies the existing floor space by the number of tiers constructed. The number of tiers is limited only by the unobstructed height of the warehouse.

Multi-tier racking is an ideal solution where manufacturing operations and storage of spare parts is concerned. It utilises the height of the available space, thereby eliminating the need to restructure the floor layout. It thus enables businesses to store greater inventories. Access to these inventories is easy and safe – via staircases, aisles or ramps built into the structure.

Multiple Advantages

Multi-tier Racking solutions come with four distinct advantages:

1. Direct, Safe Access: Multi-tier Racking builds upwards – levels that are accessed by a combination of stairs, aisles and ramps. Between them providing safe and direct access to every section on every load level.

2. Adjustable, Flexible Configuration: Flexibility is a huge benefit for any business. Simply because today’s needs may not be the same as tomorrow’s. Multi-tier Racking systems are high on flexibility. They can be re-configured to accommodate a wide range of stored goods, while utilising the full height of the available space. Thus they outperform conventional racking where floor space is limited but height is available.

3. Economical: When fund flow is tight, but storage expansion cannot be postponed any longer, Multi-tier Racking is the perfect fit! Its outlay is around one-fourth that of automated systems, while enhancing storage space by about the same quantum. It not only reduces financial risk, but also results in minimal spending on external or internal logistics.

4. Modular: The storage flexibility that Multi-tier Racking offers allows it to accommodate almost any kind of non-palletised goods. It is thus suitable for handling different product lines over a single floor area. The multi-tier configuration increases flexibility in terms of accessories, options and number of levels. It also hugely enhances accessibility efficiency, thereby making retrieval of stored inventory quick, easy and streamlined.

In summary, where there is a need to drastically increase floor space within budgetary constraints, Multi-tier Racking systems are the perfect solution. Economical, flexible, safe and modular, they completely transform storage space efficiency without drastically changing the floor plan. Where warehouse height is not an issue in the first place, it’s a visionary idea that accommodates future needs without needlessly using up existing floor space.

All very sound solutions, but where do you source them from? Look no further than Kompress – India’s pioneers in innovative storage solutions. Kompress offers an entire range of storage solutions from Storage Compactors to Lockers and Cabinets to Warehouse Storage. Under each vertical, Kompress offers customised options to suit specific needs. Quality is never compromised on because Kompress controls almost the entire manufacturing and execution process in-house.

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